Learner PortalsVersal’s Learner Portals are a new way to create a beautiful portfolio of courses. It’s a learner-centric feature that enables you to showcase a variety of courses in an encapsulated branded environment – bypassing the traditional Versal UI.

Portals are easy to set up – simply create topics to catalog your courses and invite learners directly to the Portal. Learners enter the Portal through your branded sign in page, and their progress is tracked for every course in the Portal. It’s an effective organizational tool that ensures your learners have easy access to all of the courses in your learning track.

The new Portals feature is built into the Versal course authoring platform, and is included with all subscriptions. Keep reading to see how it works.

Use Learner Portals to group your content for your learners. Then, invite learners directly to the portal. Learners are automatically enrolled in a course when they start the course.

Click “my organization” in the top navigation bar to access your Organization options.

Click “Learner Portals” in the side navigation bar to access your Organization options. In this picture, a Portal is already created.

Click learner portals to begin

Click the dots to access Portal Management options. This Portal is “live”, which means it may be viewed by learners.

Click “Manage portal” from the drop down menu, or click the portal name to enter the Portal.

adjust settings for learner portals

Create Topics inside the Portal. A Portal must have at least one topic before you can add courses. Here, there are three topics, and each topic has a number of courses in it.

Add topics and manage settings for your portal

Below the Portal title, there are two tabs. Here we are in the Topics tab. Settings takes you to the settings page.

use the settings page to modify Portal settins

The link in the Status section is used to invite learners to the portal.

“Authorized access only” means learners must have a link to the Portal to sign in.

Turning off “Allow account creation” removes the ‘create an account’ option from Portal sign in page.

Topics also have a menu drop down. Click “Manage topic” from the drop down menu, or click the topic name to enter the Topic.

manage topics settings for your portal

Add and manage courses inside the topic. You can edit courses directly from here. To add or remove courses, click the “Add courses” button.

add and edit courses in your portal topics section

This is the learner sign in page. Learners click a link provided by the Portal author to access this page.

Branding will appear on this page if a logo has been added to the Organization account.

Once learners sign in, they will enter the portal. In this Portal, we are in the “Introduction to coding” topic.

Learner Portals

Learners click on topics in the sidebar to access other courses in those topics.

Clicking any course thumbnail will take learners to the course overview page. When they click “start course” they are automatically enrolled in the course and tracked.

To create learning tracks that are only accessible to certain people, use multiple portals. You may create multiple portals, and each portal may contain multiple topics. Manage a portal by clicking the three dots on the right side of the screen.