Learner management is an important part of your training. You need to know who is currently taking your course and how they are progressing. Quickly and easily access this information by selecting People in the course menu.

Enrolled learners and course progress

A list of your course’s currently enrolled learners is shown in the People section. To find a specific learner immediately, use the search bar at the top of the list. A broad overview of learner status is also visible on this page. % PROGRESS shows you the total number of lessons in the course, and how many lessons each learner has completed relative to the total number of lessons.

learner management learner list and progress

Download a CSV file of this learner list any time by clicking the drop down arrow next to the “Invite learners” button.

More detailed learner course information is available on the Learner Reports PageAssessment data and Survey data is also available.

Additional learner management features

Invite or remove learners from your course in the new learner management section. Click invite learners at the top of the page. There are two options for learner invites.

Inviting learners with a link

Copy the learner enrollment URL made for your course. Share this link with learners you want to track in this course.

When your learners use the link they:

  • Gain access to your course (public or private)
  • Become tracked learners

Resetting the link
Click “Generate new link” if you’d like to deactivate the current link and create a new one. When you reset the link:

  • Learners that have already enrolled in the course will remain enrolled in the course. 
  • Learners not yet enrolled in the course will not be able to enroll in the course with the old URL. They will be brought to a notification page if they try to use a voided link.

Inviting learners by email

Enter the email addresses of your learners in the field provided. Click “send invitations”. You can copy and paste a learner list from a spreadsheet. After pasting the list from the spreadsheet, add a comma after the final name in the Versal invite text field.

Learners will receive an email with a link reading “Start the course here”. Learners click on that link, gain access to the course, and become tracked learners.

Removing learners

To remove a learner from your course, click on the button next to the learner’s name you want to remove and click “remove”.