download and print certificates of completion

Certificates are here! Add certificates of achievement to any course or lesson using the new Certificate gadget and reward your learners when they complete their training. You’ll find certificates in the “core” section of the gadget tray.

Certificates of completion give learners a performance goal that incentivizes learning while avoiding the negative effects of direct competition seen with leaderboards and other gamification elements. Learners focus on learning, not competing with their peers. And, they get a feeling of accomplishment from the recognition of achievement that certificates provide.

How to create certificates of completion

Drag and drop the gadget into your course. Then click edit and select one of the certificate options.

Your certificate template will appear. The text inside the brackets will be automatically filled in with the learner name, course name, date, and organization name when a learner views the certificate.

To change the certificate style, click the certificate icon in the bottom right corner while in editing mode. Click the gear icon to toggle the option to allow learners to change their name.

When learners are ready to view their certificate, they click the “View my certificate” button.

The certificate is then created with their name, course title, date of completion, and organization name. Each certificate is also given a unique serial number to prevent unauthorized copying by learners.

Learners click the green download icon in the bottom right corner to download a PDF version of the certificate. If you are using our branding feature, then your company logo will appear where the Versal logo is.