Elearning authoring tools remove the hassle of (programming) language barriers for instructional designers. With the help of elearning authoring tools (also known as rapid elearning development software), there’s no need to understand Adobe Flash, Java, or HTML. All of the programming magic happens in the background, so that designers can focus on the content.

How does the magic happen? Most elearning authoring tools have a canvas area where instructional designers can add elements. Elements are text boxes, buttons, graphics or photos. Instructional Designers can program an element to serve as a trigger for an action. The most common example is a button that takes learners to the next slide in a series.

Instructional Designers can also easily program variables into a course. For example, if the designer wants the course to greet learners by name they can set up a NAME variable. Variables also open the door for gamification. Designers can create a scoreboard or badging system using a combination of well-thought-out variables.

Ready to publish the course? Because elearning tools are specifically designed for elearning, the published files easily integrate with other products. An elearning authoring tool generates two types of files. HTML5 files are for uploading to the web. SCORM files are for uploading to a learning management system (LMS).

Uploading content to the web limits the ability to collect data about learners. If data collection is a goal, then an LMS is required. The SCORM file produced for an LMS governs the way the LMS will collect data about learners. It tells the system which questions are part of an assessment and how to score them. For data collection and reporting, an LMS is the way to go.

It is even better when the LMS offers an integrated elearning authoring tool. Versal course creator is the best of both. Versal is not only an LMS, but also an elearning authoring tool. With one platform you can: create courses, deliver courses, and collect data on your learners. Sign up for a free trial of Versal today to get started!