Add narration and sound to any part of your interactive content with Versal’s new Audio Narration feature. With Audio Narration, you record audio directly in your browser – no special tools required. Or, upload audio clips directly from your computer. Either way, now any part of your course can be enhanced with audio using our new Audio Narration feature.

Wherever audio narration is present in a course, learners see the speaker icon. When learners click the icon, a playback controls appear at the top of your content. Learners play, pause, and scrub through audio in playback mode. Use Audio Narration to supplement or completely replace text instructions, or add audio files alongside text and let your learners choose how they take in information.

The Audio Narration feature is live now! Look for the microphone icon on the right side of any gadget, click the icon and start uploading or recording audio in your lessons today.