If your organization has a solid face-to-face training program, the advantages of e-learning may not be obvious. However, it’s worthwhile to consider the advantages of e-learning over a traditional training program. For starters, organizations will never have to schedule training again because e-learning is asynchronous. E-learning’s multi-platform delivery means technical issues will no longer plague training classrooms.  And when a process changes, there’s the advantage of immediately updating content. None of these things is easy to do with traditional training.

It’s a hassle to commit an organization to a day (or days) of moving their teams off of production for training. One advantage of e-learning is the ability to train asynchronously. Training managers usually give employees a date range during which they should complete training. Each employee then completes the training at their own pace during that time frame. Training managers track the courses each employee has completed, and assessment scores are available from within the learning management system (LMS).

Advantages of eLearning include mobile delivery

E-learning gives organizations the option to deliver content via desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. For organizations that have many employees, this is one of the most significant advantages of e-learning. Employees can use their own devices or company provided devices to complete the training. And employees who have easy access to training materials are more likely to complete the training.

Another one of the advantages of e-learning: training materials are updated quickly. E-learning materials are created by the training department and usually delivered on a LMS. This is where employees go to access the material. Since the material lives in a central location, training managers can update and upload new content quickly. For example, if a team needs to know immediately about a process change, an e-learning module is the easiest way to let a large group know of that change.

The advantages of e-learning go beyond scheduling, platform delivery, and updates. How about reporting? A good LMS offers all the advantages of e-learning, plus reports, authoring tools, and content management. Versal is a content creation system that offers all these features. To learn more about the advantages of e-learning, sign up for a free trial of Versal today.