There are a number of great reasons to use an online course creator, and today we’re excited to release the next generation of Versal’s drag-and-drop course creator. It’s the first step in a larger initiative to make your authoring canvas more flexible and feature-inclusive.

Along with the new course creator, we’re also releasing several powerful new user management features. Let’s take a quick tour of both releases:

The Course Creator – A Fresh New Design and Layout

The first thing you’ll notice is the new Introduction section, designed to welcome your learners with a brief overview and beautiful cover images (with new color overlays) and draw people into your courses. Create searchable tags, too.

Next is the Lessons section. This is where you will build your course content. Here you’ll find your familiar canvas and gadget tray :).

One of the best things about this new design is the quick access to your settings and publishing options! Preview, publish, embed, and more directly from your course, without navigating away. It’s now much more convenient to publish quick edits.

New User Management Features

In your “My Organization” section, we’ve added learners to your user list, right alongside course creators. It’s easy to search for users and sort your list (Name, Last Seen, or Role) to quickly find people. Click any learner’s name and select the courses tab to see which courses they are taking, and how far they have progressed!

This is the first step in our initiative to integrate many of your favorite features into your courses and management dashboards. More upgrades are coming soon, stay tuned! In the meantime if you have any questions please email, or schedule a demo with one of our Product Specialists.