Visual learning is powerful. It gets information directly into learners’ long term memory. Visual learning is also efficient. Images are instantly recognizable to almost everyone. 

That’s why we added the power of visual learning to Categories. Add images as categories or cards and instantly transform your categorization exercise into a learning experience that you know learners will remember.

visual learning removes language barriers

There’s another great benefit of Categories 2.0. The data from your learners is now included in our learner assessment report. Track learner results, create learner scores for Categories tests, and generate reports. Categories testing data is seen along with Quiz data and Survey data. That’s another great assessment tool to help your learners achieve their goals!

see categories test results

As humans, we break things down into categories. It’s the way our brains work – scientists at MIT even identified the area of the brain responsible for categorization late last year.  The new Categories 2.0 adds an extra level of engagement and cognition for your learners. Try it today!

If you’ve never used the Categories gadget or you’d like to learn more about the new features, watch the video below!