The advantages of elearning make it a must have for companies, and we want you to have options for accessing and managing your learner data. After all, positive learner results are the goal of your training – and the key to your organization’s success. Versal offers multiple downloadable reports so you see the results of your work. Our newest offering: downloadable learner progress reports.

Assessment and survey question data is available here. And starting today, you also have CSV reporting on the learner page. Find it at the bottom of your learner list.

the new learner progress download button

The CSV format provides tremendous flexibility. Open it with any spreadsheet program, and sort the information however you’d like. Create charts and graphs that quickly visualize your data.

learner progress downloads turned into graphs

Here’s a rundown of the information you get in the learner report CSV download:

• Learner name and email address.

• Progress – the current section of the course or lesson each learner is in.

• Date enrolled – date the learner first accessed the course via invite URL or email link.

• Date of last activity – date the learner was last active in the course.

• Status:

  • “Invited” – invitation has been sent, but the learner has not clicked the link to enroll. This only applies to our email invites.
  • “Enrolled” – learner has used an invite URL or email link to access the course.
  • “Completed” – learner has navigated through the entire course and clicked the “finish” button on the last lesson.

Anonymous learners, ie learners who take the course without an enrollment url or invitation, will show up as unknown. Learn more about anonymous learners here.