We recently added a new feature to learner tracking on Versal: the ability to track “anonymous” learners. Of course, anonymous learners aren’t necessarily anonymous. Anyone taking a course on Versal needs a Versal account to access the course, and now that data is captured and displayed for you.

With our learner tracking, you see the name and email address associated with each learner’s Versal account, and you see their progress and scoring percentages in the reports page. Best of all, with our new CSV downloading feature you have detailed downloadable spreadsheets for every quiz question and survey question in your course.

All newly created organization accounts have this feature automatically enabled. If you created your organization account before this feature was available, contact help@versal.com and we will enable it on your account. While this won’t retroactively add anonymous learners, all future anonymous learners will be tracked.

Watch the video to learn more:

If you use the iframe embed code to embed your content on an outside website, then learners are able to take the course without signing in. In this case, they are actually anonymous learners. You won’t see a name and email address, but you will still see the user recorded in the learner list, and their quiz and survey data will still be available just like it is when you host your content on Versal.

anonymous learners still show up in learner tracking

anonymous learner tracking assessment data

Now you can see everyone who takes your course. Public courses intended for broad audiences provide you with valuable feedback. You know how many people are seeing your content. And, you know how effective your content is because you get assessment results for everyone, making it easy to see if your material is achieving its goal.