Business operations are changing, and soft skills are more important than ever.  With Versal, you are uniquely positioned to help you teach these concepts.

Let’s use empathy as an example. This is a tough concept to teach. You need to observe human behavior and then interpret it. How do you teach that with only text and images? And how do you determine if your learners are grasping the concepts? You can assemble everyone for in-person sessions, but that’s expensive and time-consuming. And, it’s not mobile or on-demand.

On Versal, use the Audio gadget to record interactions between people. Make recordings directly from your browser, or upload audio files. Learners listen to these recordings in the course and interpret what they hear.

Next, use the Survey gadget’s free response feature to collect your learners’ interpretations of what they’ve heard, and download the responses in a csv file. This lets you know if your learners are grasping the concepts.Take a look at how it works!