Have you ever created a gadget in a Versal course, for example a Categories exercise or large block of text, and then decided you wanted to move it to a different lesson? Or copy it to another lesson or course?

You can. With the copy and paste feature, it’s easy to copy and move individual gadgets or groups of gadgets between lessons and courses. Here’s how it works:

select the gadget to copy and paste

When you mouse-over a gadget, you’ll notice an empty circle outside the upper left corner. Click it to select the gadget.  Options appear to Copy or Delete the gadget. You may select more than one gadget to copy or delete. Simply continue clicking the circles to the left of the gadgets you want to copy or delete.

copy and paste multiple items

The “copy” button will copy the gadget to your clipboard, but will not remove it from its existing location.

The “delete” button will remove all selected gadgets your lesson.

If you have multiple gadgets selected, the “deselect all” button will appear. Click this button to clear your selection and leave the gadgets in place.

When you copy gadgets, they appear in the “clipboard” tab of the gadget tray, located at the bottom of your lesson. Individual gadgets are represented by the gadget icon. In our example, the image with text gadget has been copied and is represented by the image with text gadget.

the gadget clipboard

If you select and copy  multiple gadgets, they will appear collected as a group and are represented as an icon with a number. The number represents the number of gadgets in the gadget group.

Copied gadgets remain in the clipboard until you clear them. Clear selections from the clipboard by clicking the “x” in the top right corner of the icon in the clipboard.