We created the Image with Text gadget because the human brain is wired for vision. In fact, vision accounts for approximately two-thirds of the electrical activity in our brains – if our eyes are open, at least. Assuming your learners’ eyes are open, take advantage of their natural instincts and use images to enhance your content.

image with text formatting options

The Image with Text gadget gives you all the formatting options of our regular text gadget, plus the editing capabilities of our image gadget. Choose text size, color, and font. Add additional formatting with bullet points, numbered lists, block quotes, and more. Add an image, and crop and resize right in the gadget. Then, choose where you want it to display. Watch the video below to learn more!

Pages and pages of text gets a little dull. That’s why Versal created interactive gadgets in the first place. But sometimes you need text to properly explain a concept. When you do need text, liven it up with plenty of images.