At Versal, we know learner assessment is a critical element to your online learning program. The growth and development of your team is important to your success. That’s why you put so much time and effort into your training, and you need data that lets you know your team is grasping the material you give them. That’s why Versal lets you download CSV files with all of your learner assessment data.


Spreadsheets are powerful tools for analyzing and displaying data. Because CSV files are an open format, your Versal assessment data is compatible with the software you already use. Create charts and graphs, and incorporate data into reports that track the success of your training programs.

We made it easy to filter out the noise, too. With our CSV filtering options, you only get the data you need. Filter by learners, quizzes, lessons, and course version in any combination you want. Check out the video below for a helpful walk-through of all the features available.