We created the Survey gadget to help you capture and analyze the valuable information your team members carry with them. Every day, they interact with your customers. They interact with your resellers, your vendors, and even your strategic partners. And the knowledge they gain through these interactions is important to your success. But you can’t use that knowledge to your advantage unless you collect it. With our Survey gadget, your team shares the knowledge they gain, and leaders obtain important insights from the front lines of your organization.

It’s easy to use. Add it to any of your Versal content, and your team is instantly empowered to share their knowledge. Guide the conversation with single and multiple response survey questions. Or, use Survey gadget’s free response feature and let team members provide detailed responses to important issues. Then, download all the data in a .csv file for analysis. It’s that easy.

survey with free response answer

Check out the video below to see how it works.