At Versal, we know collaborating on training content benefits authors as much as learners. With that in mind, we recently upgraded our author collaboration features. It’s now easier than ever for multiple authors to work on the same content simultaneously. Make edits and comments in real time, and changes are immediately visible. And with Versal, your authors can be anywhere in the world.

author collaboration gadget editing

With collaborative editing, gadgets lock when one collaborator is making edits. This prevents other collaborators from overwriting edits. When one collaborator finishes editing the gadget, other collaborators are prompted to review the changes. At that point, anyone can enter the gadget to make additional edits.

author collaboration commenting

Communicating with your collaborators is easy, too. Our new author collaboration feature shows you every author currently in the course, and each gadget has a dedicated commenting function attached to it. Together, these features let you work in real time with other authors. These comments are only visible to authors; learners will never see them, even if the content is published and in use while you are working.

Check out the video and learn more about Versal’s new author collaboration features!

When authors work together on content, great things happen:

  • Combining skills and sharing knowledge increases company agility
  • New ideas are generated when individual team members combine their unique experiences
  • Dependence on third parties is decreased as team members increase proficiency

Be sure to check out our new author collaboration features, and start making great things happen for your organization.