If you follow our launches you know that while we’re always iterating, once or twice a year we release something bigger that’s been baking behind the scenes. Today we’re excited to announce one of our favorite milestone products to date: Versal 3.0.

It’s all about collaboration and communication – two important and complementary elements in our ongoing quest to bring interactivity to eLearning. Whether you’re developing internal or customer training, creating an open culture of peer-driven learning, or using Versal in the classroom, Versal 3.0 is designed to empower anyone to share knowledge in new and creative ways and engage learners like never before.

Here’s a breakdown of the new features:


The new Versal 3.0 course creator.

The course UI in Versal 3.0 is beautifully rebalanced to help authors develop more engaging eLearning content with our interactive gadgets. And when learners view the course, the new UI provides a more natural focal area to keep learners progressing smoothly.

Collaborative authoring has long been in the DNA of Versal and it gets a big makeover with real-time commenting. Now multiple people can work together simultaneously and communicate in the context of a lesson.

Real-time commenting in Versal 3.0.

Gadgets are the building blocks of Versal’s course authoring platform, and today you’ll find several important new ones designed to bring your content to life:

  • Create a curriculum:  With the new Curriculum gadget, deliver a scheduled learning path to help students navigate prerequisites and a complete curriculum of courses.
  • Record and upload audio: Record voiceovers or upload your files directly within lessons with the new Audio gadget. Supplement written and interactive content with verbal context, record quiz instructions, and more. Even record multiple versions in different languages – they’re auto-detected by web browsers to serve the version that matches your learner.
  • Add topic-specific learner discussions: Create in-lesson forums and encourage collaboration among learners with the new Discussion gadget. Or schedule a time for an online discussion and review course material live with a group of learners.
  • Build in-course surveys: Solicit feedback from your learners on course topics, the learning experience, and more! Includes single response, multiple response, and free response question types.

ASSESSMENT RESULTS (premium accounts)

Following the progress and successes of your students is an important aspect of eLearning, and advancing our assessment features will continue to be a key focus for the remainder of 2017. Today we’re launching phase one: .CSV downloads of quiz results (only available for new quizzes completed today forward). Publishers can download all results or filter based on several criteria. The .CSV files offer easy portability of data into other systems.

Assessment results in Versal 3.0

NATIVE COURSE EMBEDDING (premium accounts)

In addition to our standard embed system, we’ve added a native option for embedding clean, no scrolling, no branding courses into your website, intranet or blog.  

Native embedding with Versal 3.0

That’s it for today 🙂

Now it’s your turn. The most important part of any new release is your feedback. Head over to Versal, sign in, and check it out. What do you love, what else would you like to see? Email thoughts and ideas to social@versal.com or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

Interested in a quick tour of the new features? Check out this short video:

Happy creating!