Why is an agile, collaborative workforce so important now? For starters, technological innovations are happening faster than ever. New competitive threats are emerging in practically all industries. Customer behaviors, needs and expectations are constantly evolving. In this environment, employee roles and responsibilities can change quickly—which means team members need to learn and adapt quickly to succeed.

P2P learning can also help organizations beyond building an agile, more collaborative workforce. Learning and career development are among the top 10 factors that contribute to employee satisfaction, according to Forbes. Amid all of today’s fast-paced changes, hiring and retaining top professionals has become a major strategic focus. And happy workers tend to stick with an organization they feel is helping them grow—which is good for employees as well as their employers

Here are 15 ways in which intuitive P2P learning tools help organizations be more competitive, collaborative and nimble, regardless of its size: http://hr.versal.com/p2p/