We’re in the midst of a major shift in corporate learning. A thriving job market is challenging forward-thinking employers to invest heavily to retain top talent. Course Player - Learner View 2 - borderCEOs and other business leaders realize that creating a culture of centralized and peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing results in happy, engaged, and successful employees. As a result, companies are doubling down on training solutions and reaping the strategic advantage of a knowledgeable and informed workforce.

Versal is a powerful and interactive course-authoring platform designed to foster collaborative training and accelerate employee-driven learning. It’s optimized to create structured learning experiences, and features enterprise-level author management capabilities that empower anyone in a company to contribute. Versal makes it possible (and easy) to replace outdated file formats like slide decks with interactive, online content that is embeddable into LMSs, intranets, blogs, websites and more.

Course Management Dashboard - borderNew features in Versal:

  • An overhauled user interface (UI) designed to be simple enough for trainers to add internal subject-experts across a company.
  • New instructor/contributor invitations and roles, offering organizations the option to invite contributors with different levels of authoring and publishing permissions
  • Organization and Groups - borderGroups, a new feature that allows a company to segment instructors and/or courses. For example, a large company may create groups based on divisions (HR, sales, marketing, customer support etc.) so teams can work on a specific series of courses in a sandbox. 

How are companies and training professionals using Versal today?

  • Course Player Learner View - borderEmployee onboarding. Imagine arriving for your first day at work and having access to a complete and fun guide to your new company.
  • Sales and customer training. For companies with a distributed and remote salesforce or customers who need training on product updates, interactive and easy-to-update product tutorials keep everyone in the loop.
  • Course creator - borderCustomer service training. Like sales reps, customer service professionals rely on the latest information. Since retention is key, companies have an opportunity to create documentation with interactivity and assessment.
  • Content marketing. Launch courses as lead campaigns behind a sign up form. Offering interactive and engaging educational experiences is more interesting than traditional white papers, and will leave prospective customers with a positive and lasting brand image.

Versal Business is more capable than ever. Now anybody within the company can contribute knowledge, anyone can clone and repurpose content, and anyone can learn at their own pace on any device.

Sign up for a free 15-day trial to see for yourself how Versal Business can take your corporate training initiatives to the next level, or instantly schedule a demo with one of our customer success professionals.

And, watch the short video below to for a quick preview of the new Groups feature in Versal: