Create sales training for your company

Looking to create sales training for your company? Versal offers an easy, effective way to create sales training. No coding required.

Great sales reps are the hallmark of every successful company. But, as any VP of Sales will tell you, great sales reps aren’t born that way – they’re trained.

Gone are the days of cold calling and selling based on back slapping and emotional appeals alone. Today’s sales reps must be actually helpful to prospective customers, and often over the phone, chat and email. For that, they need to know your company’s products and services inside out, well enough to teach prospective customers and address myriad questions and concerns.

A sales training program that spans a trainee’s first week on the job, led by a single live instructor, simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Offers and organizations evolve faster than ever and, as frontline ambassadors to the marketplace, your company’s sales reps need to be up-to-date. The most successful sales organizations make training ongoing, self-paced and blended with live instruction and collaborative assignments.

Enter Versal Business, an easy-to-use course creation platform ideal for training inside sales reps, with all the essential features of modern successful inside sales organizations. With Versal, you simply drag-and-drop text, video, quizzes and “gadgets”, like diagrams and flashcards, into a course. There’s no coding required, yet you can create an interactive, mobile-ready and highly engaging learning environment that your trainees will truly appreciate.

Courses automatically work on any mobile device, and you can even design collaborative courses for trainees to work together. Plus, you can import existing training materials like PowerPoints and Google Docs to get going right. With Versal, you ¬†transform these materials into interactive courses. Trainees, like students, learn best by interacting with materials. Think quizzes, flashcards and diagrams, rather than sitting in lectures. Tracking trainee progress is a key benefit to ensuring they retain your company’s vital sales messaging and product knowledge.

Check out “Training an Inside Sales Team with Versal”, embedded below, to see a live Versal course.

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