An online course is a creative and inventive way to engage students and present educational content. Yet it can also be time-intensive, and finding great content can be a challenge.

Today, we’re launching the Versal Gadget Market, a resource for teachers to discover and share content for courses and lessons directly within Versal. It’s a teacher-powered marketplace, and while this is the beta version, it already features over 1,000 pre-configured interactive gadgets covering a wide variety of educational topics. From biology diagrams to music exercises and history timelines, the market is designed to help creators quickly author courses with awesome course-ready content.

All gadgets in the market today are free and available to everyone.

If you’re not familiar with Versal gadgets, they are the building blocks of a Versal course. The Versal course creator serves as a canvas to structure lessons and sections, while drag-and-drop gadgets power the content.

Basic gadgets include text, video and images, but there’s so much more. A selection of viewer gadgets give creators the ability to curate the best content on the web and embed it directly into a course…for example 3D models, PDFs, slide shows, and much more. Versal gadget example - Timeline

An array of configurable gadgets empower teachers to create and customize interactive exercises like timelines, flashcards, and “deeper” diagrams. Teachers can create completely new exercises, or with today’s announcement, discover pre-configured gadgets in the Gadget Market.

Along with contributions from the Versal teacher community, the Gadget Market is designed to showcase content from the best education experts and publishers. One of our first partners is Wolfram Research, which has built a selection of math-based gadgets using the Wolfram Cloud.The market also features a bunch of cool math exercises from Geogebra. Other Gadget Market partners will be announced soon.

As part of the market beta, we’re piloting an exciting feature: publish your own gadgets to the market! Say you’ve developed an interactive timeline covering the history of NASA space exploration, and would like for other teachers to be able to use it. Submit it to the market. It’s open to all contributions (submissions will be reviewed in 48 hours before added to the market).

To ensure the best content is highlighted and foster community collaboration, we built a rating and commenting system into the market. By offering teachers the ability to share feedback on gadgets, creators will have an opportunity to enhance and evolve their contributions.

Initially, publishing to the market takes a few extra steps. If you’re interested in learning more, see this support article for step-by-step instructions. market-publishing

At Versal, our goal is to empower anyone to create highly engaging and interactive online learning experiences. Whether you use Versal in the classroom or for corporate e-learning, we’re dedicated to empowering you to bring your vision to life.

This release was a major team effort across the company (shout out to our content group for the incredible selection of gadgets), and we’re all looking forward to hearing your feedback and ideas! Check it out here.