The mission to Pluto has captivated the imagination of the world – and our office. After all, we didn’t model our logo after spherical trigonometry by accident.

Space travel is one of the last true frontiers for exploration, and after Wednesday’s stunning images and early scientific findings, I’ve watched just about every NASA news conference and read as many stories as I could find.

And so we thought, let’s create a course. And let’s make it free and embeddable by everyone.

Thanks to NASA’s incredible content team, we had a strong foundation as a starting point. NASA designates all of the content, images and videos as public domain materials, and even aside from the New Horizons mission, it’s a valuable resource for any teacher.  nh-sc-pluto-illustration

We built upon NASA’s materials with original content written by our team and added many different interactive exercises – including flashcard games, clickable diagrams, timelines and more.

The course covers from the launch back in 2006 to the spacecraft and instrumentation (plus those awesome cameras), and the Jupiter flyby with the volcanic eruption to the history of Pluto and the early discoveries from New Horizons.

The full course is embedded below, and is also available here. Please share it with students, or embed it directly into a blog or website. Below the course are instructions for embedding and customizing it. We’ll be updating the lessons with new photos and scientific findings as they are made available by NASA,

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 Additional use details

While creating this course, our team was careful to base it on public domain, Creative Commons-licensed, and original content. Our primary sources were NASA and Wikipedia, among others. The course is for entertainment and educational use only, and may not be used for commercial purposes or sold behind a paywall.

This course is intended to be a fun way for anyone to learn more about the journey to Pluto. Although we did our best to use reputable sources and double-check our facts, it has not been peer-reviewed or subjected to a rigorous academic editing. If we made any mistakes, please let us know and we’ll be happy to update it!

If you wish to leverage content or images used in this course, please visit the original cited source. If you believe your copyrighted content was used in error, please contact us ASAP at

We hope you enjoy the course!