Google Classroom is one of the most interesting new ways to create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback, and easily communicate with students.

This morning, we’re excited to announce that Versal is one of the first companies to integrate the new Classroom share button, launched this morning by Google at ISTE.

What does this mean? Now you can share courses with your class directly from Versal, and empower your students to take the assignments from within Google Classroom. Simply publish your course or lesson, and click the Classroom share button.

The Classroom share button is a simple embeddable javascript button which allows teachers and students to easily share content from third party websites to assignments and announcements in Google Classroom. The Classroom share button saves teachers time by removing the copy-paste steps of sharing great content with their classes in Classroom.

It’s a great step forward, and we’re honored to work with the Google Classroom team on this initiative. Open solutions are especially critical in educational environments, where teachers need the freedom to integrate the solutions that best serve their respective students. It’s the same philosophy we’ve embraced with our open embedding gadgets, empowering you to bring the best content on the Web into your courses.

Check it out, share a Versal lesson or two with your Google Classroom, and let us know what you think. We look forward to your feedback!