Next week several of us are attending the ASU-GSV Summit in Scottsdale (if you’re going, let’s meet up!), but before we leave we have great news: Versal has joined the Google for Education partner program.

We participated in an extensive review over several months, including teacher testing, and it was well worth the effort. Many of you have told us how integral Google’s solutions (such as Chrome and Apps for Education) are to your daily success. Our goal in joining this program is to ensure that Versal easily integrates into your Google ecosystem.

What does this mean for you?

Versal Chrome App Store 2 copyAs you may remember, in January we launched our first Chrome App, which offers teachers an easy way share Versal creations directly with students via Chromebooks and the Chrome browser. Have you tried it yet?

Next, we’re in the process of integrating with Google Apps for Education. Once it’s ready, you’ll be able to to create Versal courses and lessons directly within Google Apps. You’ll even have the option to save lessons to a central Google Drive folder accessible from any device.

And there are more opportunities for integration in the future…stay tuned.

In the meantime, we’d love to know how you are using Google in the classroom. What would you like to see from us? Share more in the comments below.

And if you’d like to read the full press release, it’s here.

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