From the get-go, we’ve aspired to make online learning not only accessible to all teachers and highly interactive, but open. Meaning that the lessons and courses aren’t just available via, but are embeddable in virtually any website or blog (and are downloadable as a SCORM package).

Today, we’re continuing along this path with two developments designed to offer new ways to make Versals portable.

The first is the official beta launch of our Versal Chrome App. We’ve been testing the app in classrooms around the U.S. over the past two months, and the feedback has been inspiring. Whether you’re using Chromebooks or the Chrome browser in the classroom, it’s now exceptionally easy to share Versal lessons and assignments directly with students in their everyday learning environment.

Start here to learn more and give it a try.


The second, the launch of Learning Tools Interoperability(LTI) integration, is not just a technical milestone for our internal team but a development that is among the most requested by Versal teachers.

Across the world, districts, schools and teachers rely on Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to assign projects and homework, grade student work, and manage their progress. While some LMSs offer teachers the ability to upload PDFs, documents and videos for students, Versal’s rich authoring platform offers teachers the ability to create dynamic and interactive lessons plus curate the best learning content on the Web – all in one canvas. For teachers experimenting with project-based learning and blended learning, Versal is ideal.

With LTI integration, teachers may now easily embed a Versal assignment directly within their LMS. This will free up students to complete assignments without ever leaving the application and offer teachers direct insight into a student’s progress.

We’re currently working with many of the most popular LMS platforms to customize our integration for even more seamless congruency between the apps. Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, if you’d like to integrate your Versal creation into your own LMS, check out this quick Versal course with specific tips for Schoology, Edmodo, Blackboard and Canvas.



We’re excited to hear what you think. Please share your feedback by emailing, or post ideas to our new idea bank.

And if you’re attending the annual CES show this week, please say hello! Versal CEO Gregor Freund will be speaking at the CES/TransformingEDU on a panel titled “Meet the Pioneers” at 1:50 p.m. Pacific on January 8th at the Venetian, Level 2, Bellini 2006. Our team is also available for private meetings through Thursday. Email for scheduling.