Attention teachers who make math cool: here’s a bundle sure to engage even the most number-phobic of students. These 4 Versal gadgets enable you to create interactive math problem sets that demonstrate core concepts and draw out the young Sir Albert Newton in any student.

First, the new Generic embed gadget supports incredible GeoGebra math animations. Show your students how math concepts from multiplication to calculus work with visual, interactive simulations that run right in your course.

The Desmos gadget offers a fully interactive graphing calculator at your fingertips. Add interactive graphs to a lesson or let your students graph equations themselves.


The Expression gadget solves the frustrating experience of formatting mathematical notation with typical text editors. No more wonky workarounds with screenshots and subscripts. The Expression gadget uses ASCII Math syntax which is both easy to input and read.


Finally, the Whiteboard gadget enables you to draw anything, including graphs, equations and shapes right within your course. Though drawings may look a bit squiggly, the Whiteboard gadget is quick on the draw and what teachers don’t appreciate saving time? You can also upload an image to draw over and record your drawing for students to playback anytime.

Looking for a math gadget you don’t see above? Let us know, we’d love to help create one!