A year ago when we launched Versal, we set out to work with a diverse group of people interested in sharing knowledge in a new and interactive way. Today, we have a unique mix of university professors, school teachers, e-learning specialists and instructional designers using Versal as part of their online course creation efforts. laptop-1x

Along the way, we’ve spoken with many of you and the feedback has been incredibly helpful. One group of people has been especially enthusiastic about the potential of Versal: school teachers. As a result, today we’re releasing our first upgrade designed specifically for use in the classroom: Versal Pro.

With Versal Pro’s new learner progress tracking, private courses and invitation features, teachers may now easily integrate Versal into their daily lessons. Versal Pro is $5/month or $50/year, and includes up to 200 tracked learners. (Read the full press release.)

If you haven’t tried Versal yet and just want to give it a test drive, sign up for a free account here. Our basic plan includes the core interactive course creation platform, 30+ customizable drag-and-drop learning gadgets, collaborative authoring, basic publishing, blog embedding, and more.

A few ways to use Versal Pro in the classroom:

Blended learning: Empower students to learn at home at their own pace by offering your classroom lecture via an online course. This frees up class time for rich discussions and hands on projects. Create lessons in advance and gate future lessons through quizzes, allowing advanced students to work ahead.

Student-led projects (one of our favorite use cases): Create in-class projects by outlining a course in Versal, asking students to join as course contributors by visiting the course overview page, and assigning specific lessons to small teams. Students can research topics and create their project directly in the course creator, and once everyone is done, the entire class can take the course. Even post it to a class website for parents to enjoy.pro image

Smart homework: Offer students the opportunity to create interactive homework assignments in a Versal course, and continue to add new sections based on new assignments. It’s an easy way for your students to keep track of all submitted homework, and a new way for teachers to retroactively review all of the work done to date.

Curriculum development: Plan and structure a semester’s worth of activity and lessons right within Versal. Collaborate with other teachers or department leads.

There are many ways to use Versal Pro on a daily basis. How do you use educational technologies in your classroom? We’d love to know, so post ideas in the comments and inspire other teachers. Have any feature requests? Email us at help@versal.com.