The power of the Wolfram Cloud in a Versal gadget? Yes! Stephen Wolfram spotlights at SXSW Interactive

Wolfram|Alpha. Mathematica.

Stephen Wolfram demos a Versal gadget at SXSW
Stephen Wolfram spotlights a Versal gadget at SXSW

These are incredibly powerful and essential tools in the classroom (and beyond). Now, Stephen Wolfram & team are beginning to roll out their next big projects…the Wolfram Cloud and Wolfram Language.

And together, they’re going to transform the way you and your students create and access Wolfram-powered

In a nutshell, the Wolfram Cloud will enable educators to access the power of Wolfram’s dynamic content from any
web device. It’s all about sharing and collaboration. Wolfram Language is all about knowledge-based programming.

How can Versal help you take advantage of the Wolfram Cloud and Wolfram Language?

By building the first way to embed Wolfram Cloud content into an external web experience – via a Versal gadget. 

The new gadget is a window into all of the dynamic Wolfram Language content that will soon be available via the Wolfram Cloud. Thanks to their new web-based platform, Wolfram content is more portable than ever before. wolfram_sample image 4_edited-1

And we’re excited and honored that just a few minutes ago, Stephen Wolfram shared a demo
of a Versal course on stage at SXSW Interactive during his speech titled “Injecting Computation Everywhere.”

When we heard about the still-stealthy Wolfram Cloud and Wolfram Language initiatives, we
knew that Versal’s gadget-based course creator would be the ideal platform to showcase the
new Wolfram capabilities. And even more importantly, it will help you integrate the Wolfram Cloud into your lessons.

By adding the gadget to your Versal courses, you’ll be able to embed interactive Wolfram content directly within the context of all of your videos, text, and interactive diagrams and other Versal simulations. It’s coming to your gadget tray very soon…stay tuned!

If you’re at SXSW Interactive, please say hello, we’d love to meet up (shoot me a note to connect). Gregor, James, Dylan and I will be here until Tuesday and happy to answer any questions.