Introducing Collaborative Authoring: Work Together to Create Amazingly Interactive Courses

From the very earliest days of Versal, many of our conversations revolved around one core idea: how do we make our platform as open and welcoming as possible?Collab illustration - small

That’s why when we launched last July, Versal’s interactive course creator was (and will remain) open to everyone – from schoolteachers and professors, to tutors and corporate trainers. No contracts for your organization or district to sign, and no hoops to jump through.

This philosophy is also why we chose to empower you to embed courses anywhere on the web. No walled gardens. And it’s why we will open up our gadget library to third-party developers early this year.

Today, we’re continuing with this theme and are very excited to announce that Versal is now open to collaborative authoring. Invite anyone to contribute to your course and work hand-in-hand to transform online learning. Please keep in mind that this is a new beta feature, so if you encounter a gremlin or two please shoot us a note (and thank you for your patience!). We’ll be continuing to test and enhance everything over the next few weeks.collab screenshot blog_edited-1 border

All Versal courses are now collaborative by default – the new features are seamlessly integrated into the platform.

In our official press release this morning, our CEO Gregor Freund shared more on his vision behind open collaboration:

“Collaborative authoring paves the way for a new approach to creating online courses. Imagine dozens of physics professors and researchers from around the world working together to author the ultimate guide to the fundamental structure of the universe. Or an online community of gardening enthusiasts teaching people how to grow organic vegetables. Or a network of global non-profit advocates creating a water filtration course to help individuals in developing countries. The possibilities are unlimited.”