Introducing Versal for Teams – Now Manage Authors, Courses and More from a Single Dashboard

Almost instantly after we launched, many of you got in touch to let us know how much you love using Versal in schools and in companies. Most of the requests asked a similar question: “Is there a way to create a single account to manage the efforts of everyone on my team?”

keyToday, the answer is yes. An early beta of the new Versal for Teams is now available. And while we’ll always offer a free plan as the base tier, as a special thanks for your help with our beta test all accounts will receive the first 30-days free! Sign up by December 31st.

Whether your team is creating educational courses in a K-12 or university setting or developing corporate HR or product training courses, Versal for Teams is a simple, convenient way to manage authors and courses from a central administrative dashboard. Add new members of your team, review course progress and more.

Versal for Teams Screenshot_blogWhile convenience is the core promise of Versal for Teams, we’ve also added in several features to take your Versal courses to a new level. First is learner success monitoring. This feature is in the very early stages, and currently shows how many students have started your course and how far along they’ve progressed. Stay tuned…we have more insights to help you understand the success of your course coming soon.

Versal for Teams offers an advanced way to embed your course in a website. For institutions and companies, this is especially valuable since it’s always preferable to send your learners directly to your own site instead of somewhere random on the web. While Versal has offered course embedding for some time (and will continue to offer it for all courses), with Versal for Teams you can expand beyond the standard embed window and create a full-player on your website.

We’ve been honored to work with three amazing organizations to test Versal for Teams. Neo Technology, makers of the world’s leading graph database Neo4j; Typesafe, provider of the world’s first Reactive platform and the company behind Play Framework, Akka and Scala; and ITMO University, Russia’s foremost information and optical technology school.

Neo Cypher Gadget Screenshot - launch blog V4“We needed a way to teach our users how to get the most out of our product, and Versal for Teams was the perfect solution,” said Adam Frankl, VP of Marketing and Training at Neo Technology. “Helping developers get up to speed on graph databases quickly is essential to our business. With Versal, we were able to create an interactive online course from our existing training classes, and the new administrative features gave us the tools to track adoption and generate qualified leads. Having such an effective teaching tool at our disposal is immeasurably valuable to both our users and to us. There’s nothing else like it.”

“We help developers build Reactive applications, and our technologies are cutting-edge,” said Sushila Sahay, VP of Customer Operations at Typesafe. “It’s imperative that we take the time to create educational materials for developers to get them up and running quickly. Programming is interactive, so it’s great to have an alternative to video presentations. Versal gave us the ability to create a fantastic course, and the tools to manage it in-house. I recommend it for anyone looking to create education materials.”

As an early beta tester, you may experience a few hiccups, so please pardon our dust and please drop us a line at if you stumble across an issue.

The Versal for Teams base plan is free. For teams offering more than three courses, 100 expected learners, or for higher-bandwidth courses, pricing starts at $250/month. Read more details in our press release or visit

Quick tip…once you’ve signed up, if you leave your dashboard the best way to get back in is via the direct url from your confirmation email. Keep this handy for now, and very soon we’ll be adding shortcuts for your convenience. Thank you for your patience!