The Versal Foundation – Create Courses for Good


The Versal Foundation offers grants for people to create amazingly interactive, forever-free courses designed to help improve people’s lives.

At Versal, our focus is to build new technologies to act as a catalyst to transform online education. At the same time, we’re all enthusiastic lifelong learners, and we’re especially aware of the power of education to make a difference.

We created the Versal Foundation for inspiring people to share their unique expertise with the world. Grants, ranging from $1,000 to $25,000 depending on a variety of factors, are available in two categories:

The Transformative Education category is designed for courses with the potential to profoundly improve the quality of life for disadvantaged populations. We think of it as “courses for the betterment of humankind”. Know how to teach villagers how to build a clean water system in impoverished desert regions? Or perhaps you’ve created a method for generating electricity with locally sourced materials.

Many individuals, NGOs and non-profits have a particular expertise in helping people in need. We invite you to apply for a Versal Foundation grant to make this knowledge available to everyone.

The Foundational Education category is designed for courses that will cover basic literacy, arithmetic, science, and related topics. Core knowledge that should be readily available by every single person on the planet. People with an extensive background in introducing fundamental educational principles to people of all backgrounds and learning types are encouraged to apply.

Please visit for additional details and an online application.