Introducing Versal…

Versal is a new way for anyone to easily create and share interactive online courses – no coding required. Create a Course

Few gifts are as inspirational as knowledge. People around the world share this gift every day – in the classroom, in the field, and increasingly online. The Internet has connected us like never before and we read, watch and learn more everyday.

And yet, online learning is often one-dimensional. It doesn’t have to be that way. Computers, and the modern Internet, are designed for interactivity.

A year ago, our engineers set out to build an open technology platform to bring interactivity to online courses. The most important consideration? We needed to avoid requiring instructors to know software programming.

Course CreatorToday, we released an early beta of the first piece of the puzzle: a simple, clean course creator – available to everyone – with customizable elements we call “gadgets.” (Read the press release here.)

It’s free…check it out. We’d love your feedback. But before you do, there are more details below. And, we ask for your patience. Since it is a beta, you may come across an occasional gremlin, bugs, awkward experiences, and missing features. Tell us what you like (and what you don’t) here.

What you should know:

It’s an open platform.

Open to teachers, professors, instructors, and experts from all walks of life. Programmers, artists, mathematicians, language experts, yoga gurus. You. (It’s also free.)

No need to know how to code to bring your courses to life.

The Versal course creator features interactive elements called gadgets. Gadgets are individual Javascript applications built to engage people with the material in your course. Start with a clean blank slate, and simply drag-and-drop gadgets onto the canvas.

“Versal’s vision of creating innovative solutions for online education will change the way students learn, and the way we teach in the classroom,” said Scott White, Professor of 3D Modeling and Sculpture, University of Pennsylvania and the owner of Scott White Studio. “I’m always interested in experimenting with new ways to combine online learning with classroom instruction, and Versal’s approach – especially relating to the ability to add interactivity – is very appealing.”

View Scott’s course on Anatomy and Modeling in Maya here.

For our beta testing, we’ve included the most fundamental gadgets (text, images and videos) plus a sample of interactive gadgets such as quizzes, charts, math simulations, surveys and more. Keep checking back, we’ll be adding more gadgets on an ongoing basis. And later this summer…

We will open up gadget developer APIs

While we’ve created a variety of basic and sample gadgets, one of the key aspects of our platform will be third-party developer access. In a couple of months, we’ll start rolling out an API for JavaScript developers to create all sorts of interactive gadgets and contribute to the Versal library.

Interested in developing gadgets with Versal? Sign up for an invite here and we’ll be in touch soon.

Last…but not least: The Versal Foundation is now accepting applications

The new Versal Foundation is one of our most exciting projects. In a nutshell, the foundation offers grants from $1,000 – $25,000 for people to create amazingly interactive, forever-free courses with a potential to profoundly benefit the world.

Learn more at, or read the announcement.

Welcome to Versal. We can’t wait to see what you create.