Developing an open ecosystem for online learning

Announcing our Chrome App (beta) and LTI integration for Learning Management Systems


From the get-go, we’ve aspired to make online learning not only accessible to all teachers and highly interactive, but open. Meaning that the lessons and courses aren’t just available via, but are embeddable in virtually any website or blog (and are downloadable as a SCORM package). Today, we’re continuing along this path with two…Read more

Make interactive math worksheets with our Algebra toolkit


Attention teachers who make math cool: here’s a bundle sure to engage even the most number-phobic of students. These 4 Versal gadgets enable you to create interactive math problem sets that demonstrate core concepts and draw out the young Sir Albert Newton in any student. First, the new Generic embed gadget supports incredible GeoGebra math animations….Read more

Teacher spotlight: Ken Williams


Ken Williams has been teaching the Vedic system of math for more than thirty years. What is Vedic mathematics? It’s a unified approach to solving math equations that is more creative and flexible than traditional methods, which have a tendency to scare off students. In Ken’s experience, once people learn to recognize Vedic patterns, anybody…Read more

HTML 5 drag-and-drop API browser inconsistencies


In a Github post by Andrey Mereskin, a Versal front end Web developer, we take a behind-the-scenes peek at the capabilities of the HTML5 drag-and-drop API, an API used within Versal to add gadgets to a course. Andrey provides an engineering perspective and outlines the issues one may run into when implementing the API in…Read more

Gadget spotlight: Deeper Diagram


Of all the interactive learning gadgets that Versal offers, teachers consistently tell us that Deeper Diagram is one of their favorites. Deeper Diagram lets you upload any image and add labels and descriptions to various parts of the image. Teachers often use Deeper Diagram to encourage visual learning and memory. It’s a versatile gadget that…Read more

Developer spotlight: Hubert, Alex and Jeff (TestLegends)


TestLegends. That’s who Hubert Ka, Alex Chen, and Jeff Lee are – developers aspiring to create legendary learning games. These three engineers from University of Toronto arrived in San Mateo looking to create an educational tool for K12 teachers. With that in mind, they created TestLegends, a concept assessment game built using the Quizlet API….Read more

Announcing the Versal Chrome App pilot


Chromebooks are increasingly popular in the classroom, and Chrome Apps are a powerful and convenient way for teachers to integrate a variety of educational exercises and content. We recently launched a pilot project to test a new Versal Chrome App. It’s the perfect companion to the Versal course creation experience – everything you create on…Read more

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    The Internet has connected all of us like never before. And yet, online learning is often one-dimensional - limited to videos and slide decks. It doesn’t have to be that way. Computers, and the modern Internet, are designed for interactivity.