The 5 models of blended learning


Blended learning is a major trend sweeping the K12 education nation. Broadly defined, blended learning refers to the combination of traditional classroom teaching with digital media and online educational platforms. According to our recent study, 53% of K12 teachers in the US used online tools in the classroom last year, up 6% from 2013. Blended…Read more

Technology in the classroom, 2015 Edition


Though we’re a few months in 2015 already, the pace of tech adoption in classrooms across the country shows no sign of slowing. Teachers continue to incorporate a bevvy of technology-driven strategies into their classrooms to make learning both more engaging and effective. With summer  on the horizon, we decided to take a look ahead and pick are our…Read more

How to flip your classroom with blogs and courses


In a flipped classroom, the conventional approach of lecturing and teaching new material in class, and then assigning homework to reinforce concepts, gets flipped. For example, a teacher might record a video lecture for students to review at home at their own pace. The next day in class, students engage in activities with the teacher…Read more

We’ve joined the Google for Education partner program

Versal Google Partnership

Next week several of us are attending the ASU-GSV Summit in Scottsdale (if you’re going, let’s meet up!), but before we leave we have great news: Versal has joined the Google for Education partner program. We participated in an extensive review over several months, including teacher testing, and it was well worth the effort. Many…Read more

What will the classroom of the future look like?

The classroom of the future won’t look anything like the classroom we knew ten or even five years ago. Global connectivity and collaboration, combined with technology that allows for interactive and student-tailored lessons, will recast tomorrow’s educational settings in exciting new formats different than we know today. While envisioning the future is famously difficult, we’ve…Read more

New feature: cut, copy, and paste gadgets between lessons and courses


Have you ever created a gadget in a Versal course, for example a Deeper Diagram or large block of text, and then decided you wanted to move it to a different lesson? Or copy it to another lesson or course? Now you can. With the new cut, copy and paste feature released today, it’s easy…Read more

7 ideas for project-based learning


  One of the most popular and successful teaching methods for high school students today is project-based learning. Rather than simply have students listen to lectures or read textbooks and take notes, teachers are now engaging students in dynamic, hands-on learning experiences that present real-life problems or questions. Versal is an excellent platform for project-based…Read more

Versal is out of beta, plus we have a new board member and a great partnership with Wolfram Research


It’s an honor to work with so many amazing teachers and instructional designers to make Versal a valuable part of your daily lives, and today we are excited to announce that Versal is officially out of beta. Of course, this doesn’t mean we won’t continue to evolve and improve, and we definitely have several cool…Read more

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