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Announcing the our new Pinterest Contest!


It’s #BackToSchool season, and we’re throwing a Pinterest contest to celebrate! K-12 teachers, here’s an opportunity to share your best ideas for creative edtech projects in the classroom. You could win a $2,015 grand prize for the upcoming school year! Plus, we’re giving away ten $100 prizes.

Introducing the teacher-powered Versal Gadget Market (Beta)

Discover and share interactive content and exercises for your courses

market-launch blog

An online course is a creative and inventive way to engage students and present educational content. Yet it can also be time-intensive, and finding great content can be a challenge. Today, we’re launching the Versal Gadget Market, a resource for teachers to discover and share content for courses and lessons directly within Versal. It’s a…Read more

Journey to Pluto in this new and interactive (and embeddable!) course


The mission to Pluto has captivated the imagination of the world – and our office. After all, we didn’t model our logo after spherical trigonometry by accident. Space travel is one of the last true frontiers for exploration, and after Wednesday’s stunning images and early scientific findings, I’ve watched just about every NASA news conference…Read more

NEW: Share Versal courses in Google Classroom


Google Classroom is one of the most interesting new ways to create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback, and easily communicate with students. This morning, we’re excited to announce that Versal is one of the first companies to integrate the new Classroom share button, launched this morning by Google at ISTE. What does this mean?…Read more

Summer reading reimagined


With the school year winding down, it’s a great time to plan for summer assignments and help students avoid the inevitable “summer slide.” Creating such assignments, however, can often present quite a challenge. Students are mentally moving into fun mode. And since they won’t have much direct teacher support, teachers not only need to create…Read more

Go deep into space education, with NASA’s free teaching resources

NASA free teaching resources

Space travel is that rare educational topic that seems to capture the imagination of almost every student. It wraps math and science up in a cloak of adventure, curiosity and dreams of the unknown. Fun fact: even the Versal logo was inspired by space travel. Our icon is spherical triangles, a form of trigonometry used by astronauts…Read more

Pros and cons of teaching a flipped classroom


The concept of “flipped classrooms” has been a hot topic for the past couple of years. Can instruction be effectively delivered at home, freeing up class time for debates, projects and labs? The model flips the traditional approach of using class time for explaining concepts and homework for reinforcement. In the beginning, many teachers dove…Read more

Project ideas for math class


Project-based learning allows students to work together using concepts taught in class to solve real world problems. This dynamic, hands-on approach to learning can be especially effective in math classrooms. Rather than simply explain to students how to solve a problem and then have them practice independently, students are actually able to use and apply…Read more

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